Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review: Is It All True?

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

There is this fitness program on the internet called “Unlock Your Hip Flexors”. It is basically the largest thing right now, with over 80,000 people following it on social media and having it on their computers, so we decided to give it a test drive and see if it’s actually working the way it is advertised. A good thing about it is that you can get your money back in case it’s not working out well for you, so we didn’t really hesitate and went ahead and tried it. This will be our honest opinion on the whole program.

Along with the insight we will provide on certain points of this program we will also give you with helpful information about it and its author, as well as what you will be getting in your package, so bear with us as there will be lots of information for you to absorb. Let’s start with the man behind all this. Well, actually there are two people behind it – Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal, but Rick will be the star of our show tonight.

Rick Kaselj – A Modern-Day Hero

Have you ever had one of those friends who just wants to help everybody with little to nothing coming back at him, but he keeps helping nonetheless? Well, Rick is this type of person. What he did with this product is what in our opinion helped thousands of people. But, not to rush our praise of this whole thing, as it isn’t perfect. Let’s concentrate on Rick now. He is the developer of this book along with Mike Westerdal, but he started it all, and he is basically the brain behind this back pain relief program. He is currently living in Vancouver (British Columbia) and has attended and graduated on top of his class at Simon Fraser University (kinesiology) and is also ACE certified personal trainer. He currently specializes in creating various solutions for people recovering from all sorts of injuries.

For him, it all started one day in the gym, or perhaps after days in the gym, working out the wrong way. That led to back pain and ultimately leading to him wanting to live a pain-free life. As the back injury threatened to end his professional career, he felt obliged to dig deep into the matter of back pain. Finding a solution wasn’t the easiest thing, though, due to the lack of information. People have just recently been going further down this matter, so it’s no surprise that Rick was on his own back then.

As a true scientist, he experimented on his own body with various sets of exercises. Doing that, he wanted to see which worked and which didn’t, and maybe create some sort of a combination between the best-working ones and see the results in him and his clients. Soon, many other instructors joined on the quest to find the perfect strategy to battle back pain. This all led to creating more than what was originally intended. Rick ended up creating programs about elbow, shoulder, and knee pain but we’re focusing on the original intent now.

Do you remember how we said he helps thousands? We weren’t messing around. There is data that this program on how to unlock hip flexors has helped more than 80,000 people across more than half of Earth’s countries. Apart from regular people, Rick is aiming to educate fitness instructors around the world as well. The number of instructors involved is slightly above 8,000 currently. If there is a big fitness center in your city, there is a good chance that some of the instructors in it have heard, or have been educated by Rick.

An honorable mention here is Rick’s partner – Mike Westerdal. He is a kettlebell instructor, a personal instructor and founder of one of the longest standing internet fitness site – CriticalBench.com. He worked alongside Rick to develop everything, as well as struggling to fix his own back pain issues. They both created the perfect team, where Rick was the kinesiology mind behind all of it, while Mike was the marketing genius who made it all possible.

Together, they created a product which at least promises to teach you how to unlock your hip flexors and relieve you from your pain without any medications, doctor appointments or surgery (which is, by the way, becoming a very trendy thing to market yourself under). Does it actually work that way? Well, you better stick around until the end of the review.

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Let’s Get You Familiar With The Program

Basically, what we are dealing with here is a fairly new to the market fitness program primarily aimed to help people with undiagnosed chronic back pain. It was released a few years ago, and ever since it’s been skyrocketing towards being one of the best selling online fitness products. It comes in the form of a pdf format ebook with videos inside the downloadable file.

Now, without the intention of undermining the authority of the two creators of this whole thing: Rick and Mike, we will advise you to make the choice whether you should get it only after you’ve gone through all our review. We might not hit on the things you want to hear, but still really advise you to hear us out before buying it. They will try to convince you to buy it, of course. After all, that is the goal of any online product out there. Whether it works, though, is up to us to find out.

We will help you see through the “miracle” program (as it is advertised) and check if it’s all true or just a regular online scam. Long story short – you might be surprised.

What Is It All About?

In the beginning of the book , the author (Mike) acknowledges his co-author and mentor – Rick, and talks about their backstories a bit. He also mentioned how Rick is perhaps one of the few people he has met that urges athletes to go back to training after an injury instead of skipping any kind of physical activity. Mike also points out how Rick helped him with his own back pain and his wife’s hip issues.

In the next 40 pages you will enjoy an abundance of helpful information about hip muscles and the benefit of opening your hip flexors. This section is a bit on the lengthy side, but no extra information is useless in our opinion!

According to Mike things here are simple. Without perfect hips you will never be able to get the most out of your body – or at least function properly. Your hips are involved in everything your body does from bending and walking to twisting and many more activities. That is why this program is specifically designed to help you get rid of the common side effects of tight hip flexors such as:

  • High Anxiety
  • Bad Posture
  • Joint Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Compromised Immune System
  • Digestive Issues
  • Troubled Sleep

All these issues can arise from just your hip flexors being tight. Most often the causes for this are way too much sitting and patterned overload (this means repeating the same movements for a long period of time – ex. Running, Squatting, etc.).

Your hips are quite complex and there are four groups of muscles involved in all the movement going on there, but the main group (the one this program focuses on) is the iliopsoas group, within which is located the “mighty psoas major”.

Let’s continue with the conclusion to which we arrived after our detailed inspection. This might never work if you do not follow all the instructions on the program properly. In fact, it has a lot of room for error as nobody is there to supervise you and tell you “yeah, that is the proper way” or “here is what you’re doing wrong”. Only through doing everything properly will you achieve the results you’re here for. At the end, if everything has been going great, you might start to feel better and undo some of the damage your psoas muscle has been taking. Ultimately, even though it’s a somewhat technical program we still found it on the easy side of the spectrum of online fitness products, so no need to worry as you will most likely be able to hand everything better than you think.

You heard us mention the “psoas muscle” and are probably wondering what we are talking about at this point. This muscle (the psoas major) is the “backbone” of your body structure. It is what this program calls a “hip flexor”. So without further due, let’s check that out.

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Hip Flexors? What?

Hip Flexors

Trust me, if you are all like “what is this hip flexors thing?” at this point of the book, you are not alone. We are a team of fitness experts and to be entirely honest with you, we had heard people refer to the iliopsoas (the psoas major + the iliacus muscles) as the “hip flexor” until now, so we were understandably a little skeptical at first. According to this program, those are your “hidden survival muscles”.

Now, to understand it all better, think of it like that: you got all kinds of flexor muscles in your body. The ones that you use the most are located in your arm and work to bend your arm in the elbow joint, allowing you, for example, to touch your shoulder.

In your hip alone you got nine flexor muscles and the one stealing all the spotlight here will be the Psoas Major Muscle. Besides from being the muscle that stabilizes your core area and joining your upper body to the lower body, it also does various movements in the spine allowing you to have full control over your lateral and frontal movements during activities.

The Psoas Muscle – Why Is It That Important?

This is what Mike hits on next. He really emphasizes that the psoas muscle is perhaps the most important muscle in your body and goes on describing the importance of it and the benefits of it working properly.

This muscle is attached to the lower spine vertebrae and goes through the pelvis when ultimately ends up attaching itself to a tendon at the top of your femoral bone. On its other end it is attached to your primary breathing muscle – the diaphragm. So, it connects your body halves, it is connected to your breathing and upon it sit most of your vital organs. So Mike isn’t wrong after all. When it comes to being an important part of our body, this muscle really ranks at the absolute top.

The author also hits on why is it important to keep this muscle healthy in this chapter. When it functions well, it creates a good pelvis alignment, stabilizing your hips which ends up supporting your lower spine and abdomen better. It also helps reduce that ugly body fat that sticks to your body every time you eat something different than a salad.

When you take good care of your hip flexors you will also be able to train harder, lift heavier objects and gain insane strength in no time. Some of the fitness experts which were testing this program at first, reported having a 30lbs increase in their exercises in a matter of just a week. One more thing worth mentioning is that your sex life won’t get ignored as well.

The main target, though, and the reason why it is important to know that this muscle exists is that it pulls your upper legs up and/or gets the upper body closer to them when the legs are fixed (in other words – sit-ups or knee raises, which are among the most common movements and exercises). Those are daily activities you do in one way or another literally constantly. At this point you are probably thinking that this muscle should be huge, right? Well, yes, it is one of the largest muscles in our body but due to its position it is a “pain” to access it or properly stretch it.

If the psoas major gets too tight, the first symptom you will feel is lower back pain. This happens due to the lumbar discs being too compressed. Woman (especially when pregnant) often suffer from sore and tight hip flexors as well. You can learn more about these particular conditions and how to treat them on our article on sore and tight hip flexors. Normal stretching won’t really cut it, even if you use various methods such as foam rolling. This is the exact place where this program enters our stage.

How Is Sitting Killing You

This is the last chapter of the book before the actual step-by-step method. Here, the author points out the negative things which can be caused by too much sitting and how to undo the damage done by unlocking your hip flexors.

He even lists things that too much sitting could cause: 

  • Low energy levels
  • Poor Posture
  • Anterior Pelvic Tilt – responsible for that fat belly bulge look
  • Your body storing fat due to stress in that area
  • Decrease in the quality of your sex life

You can learn more about this and any of the other topics by getting the book from their website. You will even get a few gifts (we will discuss them further down). Giving away the good stuff from the book will be unfair to the authors which have spent years into developing this and making sure all this data is scientifically backed up.

After this chapter, Mike begins to talk about the actual solution to your issues. He starts by explaining the difference between static and dynamic stretching and explaining why is static not the best solution here. In fact, let’s talk about this for a moment.

Why Doesn’t Normal Stretching Work Here?

The thing with the Psoas Major is that it is in a really hard to reach place, and therefore trying to loosen it up with a few simple static stretches won’t cut it. What we learned is that you need to attack the muscle from all sorts of angles using all sorts of exercise techniques. There are specific moves besides simple stretching that help unblock and loosen the hip flexors, the legs and the back. They are all packed into the “Sequential Flow Method”.

Mike makes a really important note after all this. Not only it is important for you to do dynamic stretches but the order in which you do them is crucial to your progress as well. That is why his and Rick’s method is called “sequential”.

The Sequential Flow Method – The Kinesiotherapy Wonder

This is the last third of the book. It guides you through the proper way of executing the whole series of 10 exercises.

As the authors state, the psoas muscle is a real pain to reach through static stretching. Opening up the muscles within your hips is a step-by-step well-thought process. Behind it stand true fitness professionals, not some self-made youtube trainers.

Getting this wrong can make things worse!

The Sequential Flow Method’s purpose is to enhance flexibility while enhancing the body’s healing powers. The technique has to be executed well and in proper sequence. From our professional point of view we can see how this method works wonders for hundreds of thousands of people. Such movements unravel tissues inside and around the muscles as well as joint capsules while at the same time break up scar tissues at that place. This all amounts to a much better working muscles and healthier feeling body.

The Main Part Of This Program – How To Unlock Your Hip Flexors

As we grew to be convinced of the authenticity of this method, we will just tease you with the first few parts of the whole method. We really hope this makes you get it so that you can enjoy all the other benefits of the program and live a healthier life!

Once you’ve gone through most of the book (the first 45 pages) you will get to the “good stuff”. The authors have laid out 10 exercises in a specific order which you need to follow and repeat regularly to see any results. There are detailed instructions in the book as well as photos to help you visualize the whole thing.

This part of the book is called “The Routine”. The exercises here are going to be your “ABC” in your first few months. Here are some of them:

Step 1 – Dynamic Stretching. 

This means activating the muscles around a specific joint in your body and moving this same join through its range of motions progressively. This will result in a more flexible joint and better warming up of the muscles around it, as well as better blood and lymph circulation in that area.

Step 2 – PNF Stretching 

PNF means proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. It sounds fancy but basically what it does is help you activate a particular muscle which then helps the rest of the muscles around your joint, resulting in reduced stiffness around it.

Step 3 – Muscle Activation Movements 

Due to the more laid back lifestyle most people lead nowadays, most muscles in our body aren’t functioning properly (or not working at all most of the time). This step of the exercise aims to activate those muscles and help your body move more efficiently.

The exercises aren’t hard at all and what you will need is around 10 to 15 minutes each day to execute them.

These are just some of the first steps from the routine you will be introduced to when purchasing the whole thing. There are much more exercises to be done, such as “Fascia Stretching”, “Three-Dimensional Core Stability Exercises” and much more available on the program which you can get from the official Hidden Survival Muscle website.

What You Will Be Getting For Your Money

Sequential Flow Method

First on your hard drive will arrive the main e-book. It has seventy pages with tons of information about all the bad habits, muscle groups and exercises that we talked about. What is amazing is that you will get video lessons along with that as well. They will cover the main book and the bonus program that comes with it.

Yes, you heard us right. You are getting a bonus called “Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings”. Here, you will be getting some great advice on:

  • Eccentric Training – What it is and how to do it
  • Dynamic And Static Stretching – Main Differences
  • Isometric Strengthening
  • Muscle Activation Exercises
  • 3-dimensional Stability Exercises

The book comes in pdf format and contains videos which give you an idea on how to do the exercise in question.

As if this wasn’t enough, you are getting a second bonus! 

Rick Kaselj invited two co-authors to create this amazing and informational book. They are Joel Marion and Josh Bezoni, both being nutritionists. On this e-book gift you will learn more about foods that reduce inflammation, what to use and what not to use when cooking and a few tricks to fight off inflammation.

The Good And The Bad

For this particular product we couldn’t find anything which makes it an instant “no go” but have listed a few downsides that can degrade the customer experience for some people. So, let’s check out the pros and cons of this program!


  • The whole process is created for the average person without it requiring any knowledge beforehand. It is easily comprehensible and the videos make it a pleasure to follow through.
  • If time is valuable to you, we got great news. Everything here can be done each day for not more than 10 minutes!
  • You won’t need any equipment for the exercises. It can all be done from the comfort of your own living room.
  • The social media community this platform has is incredible both in proving that this actually works and in helping you in case you didn’t understand something.

Lastly, something that deserved its own paragraph is that there is a 60 days money-back period. This means that you can buy the product, test it for yourself and see if it works. If you didn’t achieve the desired results you will get your money back!


  • What we think some people might find a downside is the fact that this only comes in a pdf format (and mp4s for the videos). You won’t get anything physical such as a book or a disc for your money.
  • There isn’t much nutritional information inside but that would be way too much information going on in a single product in that price range. Furthermore, many of the people in the online community would be more than willing to help you out with this.
  • Not following these instructions step by step might put you in a worse situation, and honestly we don’t feel that everybody will follow through the process exactly as it is required. Make sure you are going into this with a strong commitment.

Our Verdict

All in all, we think that this program is well worth it (even without the bonuses and discounts you will be getting). Usually, people with lower back issues are in desperate need of answers as most doctors cannot provide them. That brings them to such fitness programs and frankly most of these aren’t exactly working. This one, though, has been gaining tons of popularity ever since its release back in 2015 mainly because of one major factor – it works. And it works so well, that people feel relief within the first week of following through the exercises.

Unlock your Hip Flexors has the potential to be life-changing for you and the ones you love if you just give it a try. After all, it has a money-back guarantee period of 2 months so trying it out won’t hurt you nor your wallet in any way. Hopefully, the set of exercises you will learn here will become a part of your morning routine and before you even realize it, your life will get so much better. No need to wait any longer as your health should get its special treatment as soon as possible!

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